How to Start Your Own Country
Tired of the crazy politics and government interference or social permissiveness? Has your tax burden become more than you can bear? If you've ever thought that if people just did it your way, things would be much better...we have good news: you can start your own micronation! It's not easy, but it's also not impossible, and we'll show you how to do it. We'll also show you some successes, some failures, and the very real future of nation building.
1. Learn about your country. It makes sense to learn about your country before you go off making a new one.

2. Make your plans. Write what it's name is, The capital(s), State or province names. Language(s). You can think about it.

3. Know the rules. As Bob Dylan said, "to live outside the law you must be honest." The same thought holds true for forming a nation:
to make your own rules you must follow established rules and conventions.

4. Find territory for your nation. This is the hard part. With two exceptions, existing land has all been claimed by existing countries. The main exception is Antarctica.
  • Conquer an existing country.
  • Buy an existing country.
  • Look for regions that are otherwise unproductive for the local government.
  • Build an island.

5. Establish a government and a constitution. The success or failure of your venture will be determined, in large part, by your leadership in governance.

6. Declare your independence. Now that you have territory, a population, and a government with a constitution, it's time to declare yourself. One of three things will happen, depending on what you have prepared for the world:

  • A collective yawn. The world may look at your declaration of independence, and promptly go back to watching a rerun of Star Trek.
  • A welcome into the community of nations, an invitation to a seat at the UN, and requests for ambassadors and embassies.
  • An armed invasion. If your nation runs afoul of borders, existing treaties, human rights, or other legal protocols, you may receive anything from a knock at the door by Rent-a-Cop Officer

7. Establish an economy. If you're not trading in dollars, Euros, or other currency, you will need to create your own financial system. Will you base your nation's wealth on gold, on securities, or on a whim and a prayer?

If you stick to established currencies, you will still need to determine how to fund your government, and the best way to do this may be anathema to the very reason you start your own country: taxes. Through taxation, your government will be able to provide essential services such as a power grid, water lines, a necessary bureaucracy (as minimal as you like), and an army.

8. Be recognized by the world community. Barring any untoward issues resulting from the founding of your country (see above), you will want to become a player in the world. To do this, you will need other nations to recognize you. This will require you to become adept at international law, politics, and diplomacy. If these are not among your strongest skills, you would be wise to recruit a cabinet of skilled politicos to take on this task.

9. Manage your branding. Every country needs a flag, of course, and yours will be no different. This is the most prominent of national symbols, but there are other symbols that will help establish your identity as a nation:

  • Money. What will your currency look like? Will it have your profile boldly embossed on gold coins, and in 3D hologram on paper money, or will you use a symbolic icon such as Lady Liberty or Charlton Heston? Will you go full-tilt modern, or attempt to hearken back to a time when each piece was carved by hand?
  • State Seal. You can come up with a national motto and translate it into Latin. There are many free online translators. Add some florid graphics with a shield, all to suggest you're descended from royalty—or you can state your mission clearly in your own language, and have a graphic designer create a logo. A good logo can be worth more than the crown jewels of England!
  • Official correspondence. With all the letters you'll be writing to the President, the UN, the Prime Minister, and other heads of state, you'll want nice letterhead on high quality paper, embossed with your seal.
  • National Anthem. You'll want a national anthem to play at important events.

10. Get out there and do it! The world isn't getting any bigger, and governments aren't getting any smaller (no matter what they promise), so the sooner you get out there and stake your claim. The sooner you can declare yourself Prince, King, Emperor, Ayatollah, Supreme Ruler, and President for Life of [insert your imperial dynasty here.

Students will complete the handouts distributed by the teacher that will allow the process of staring their very own nation. When the handouts have been examined by the teacher students will access the "Create Your Own Country Template" from their google docs which will be used as the primary source of their presentation in class. Students will use the various links that have been provided below to complete the assignment. Students will complete the project by designing their own 30 second commercial to convince people to recognize and visit their new declared state.

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