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Early European History Vocabulary & Power Point Notes

Early European Vocabulary Slideshow (Levels 1 and 3)

Early European History Notes (Level 3)

Early European History Notes (Level 1)

Additional PowerPoint Slideshows (Levels 1 and 3)

Interactive Maps of Ancient Greece and Rome

World History Atlas of Blank Maps
Complete Interactive Map of Europe
Interactive Map of Greece
Interactive Map of Rome

Ancient Greek and Roman Games and Facts

8 Reasons Why It Wasn't Easy Being A Spartan(Interesting Facts)
10 Innovations That Built Ancient Rome(Interesting Facts) (Be an Emperor) (Build an Aqueduct) (Be a Roman Soldier)
Roman Colosseum Interactive
Rome: Ancient Supercity(interactive) (Be a Gladiator) (Olympic Games Activity) (Explore A Greek House) (Learn to Speak Greek) (The Story of Troy in Cartoon) (Be A Greek Hero!) (Tour the Ancient Greeks) (Greek Games) (Greek Gods) (Acropolis Museum) (Greek Artifacts)

Medieval Games and Activities

Feudal Life Interactive (partner activity)
Medieval Times (Dinner and Tournament)
Medieval Game of Life (Enrichment Activity)
Castle Adventure
Medieval Siege Interactive
Age of Exploration(interactive)

Watch as 1000 years of European borders change... by nickmironenko

8 Reasons it Wasn't Easy Being A Spartan

Watching the Following Video Above.
Describe and Illustrate how the "Manor System" Works on a blank piece of paper! (6 examples).