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Students will use the following links to complete the questions below

Miracle on Ice, 35 Years Ago

Complete the following questions below:

1. What was the final score of the medal round between the U.S. and the Soviet Union?

2. When and where did this historical event take place?

3. Who was the coach and what made this team so unique?

4. Who was the goalie for Russia who was considered to be the best in the world?

5. What was the score two weeks earlier, when the two played at Madison Square Garden?

6. Describe the coaching style of Herb Brooks during his tenure as coach.

7. What are "Herbies"?

8. What was Herb Brook's famous quote when addressing his team in the locker room prior to the game? (You were ......)

9. Who scored first in the game for the Russians? Who answered for the Americans five minutes later?

10. After the first period, what rash decision did Soviet coach Viktor Tikhonov make?

11. At the end of the 2nd period, by how much was the U.S. out shot by the Soviets?

12. Who scored the next 2 goals for the American Hockey Team?

13. After the U.S. went ahead, Al Michaels (announcer) says "No we have bedlum", what do you think that means?

14. What does Al Michaels say after the final horn blows?

15. When news of the game hit the streets, how did the American people respond?

Miracle: History vs. Hollywood

16. Identify 3 players from the U.S. hockey team under "real faces" and identify what position that they played.

17. Who played Buzz Schneider and identify a fact about him.

18. Did any of the actors have any experience of playing hockey, if so give a specific example?

19. Did Herb Brooks really miss his chance to play in the 1960 Winter Olympics? Explain

20. What was the national reaction to the United States 1980 victory?

21. Did any of the players from the 1980 U.S. Olympic Team go on to play in the NHL? How many?

22. Who did Herb Brooks Coach in the NHL?