What is Plate Tectonics? from HMNH on Vimeo.

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As residents of Earth, it is our responsibility to know how this world works. Fortunately, scientist for years have been studying it and many have put their results on the internet. For your task, search the internet using the links provided and any sites that you find yourself to answer the following questions. Remember, as a resident of Earth it is your responsibility to know how Earth works, and how to live with this dynamic planet. At the completion of this web quest you should be able to:
  • Identify the layers of the Earth
  • Explain the theory of plate tectonics
  • Explain how plate tectonics has shaped the surface of the Earth
  • Determine what kind of plate boundary a given location has
  • Describe the driving force for plate movement
  • Explain some of the ways that plate tectonics affect humanity
  • Label and identify the layers of the earth

Complete the following survey by using the following link below:

Earth Layers and Plate Tectonics Dynamic Earth

Students: When you have complete the survey you are to illustrate the layers of the earth on 1/2 of a piece of paper and label and choose a type of boundary and illustrate how it moves.

Here are some other links to find illustrations, animations, and video clips on the layers of the earth and plate tectonics:

Illustrations that are made and ready to copy (awesome site) Plate Tectonics Movement Illustrations
Layers of the Earth animation Layers of the Earth
Great animations of boundary movements Boundary Movements Animations
Earth Like a Puzzle Earth Like a Puzzle
Videos on Plate Tectonics
Plate Tectonics Video
Introduction to Plate Tectonics
Alfred Wegener
Other Sites!
Plate Tectonic Boundaries