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The Renaissance

The Renaissance

1. When did the Renaissance take place?

2. What does the word "Renaissance" mean?

3. It was a "rebirth" in what areas?

4. Where did it begin?

Renaissance Artists

Renaissance Artists

1. What were two famous paintings of Leonardo da Vinci

2. What are two famous sculptures of Michelangelo?

Johannes Gutenberg

Johannes Gutenberg

1. What did Johannes Gutenberg invent?

2. Why was it so important?

Protestant Reformation

Protestant Reformation
Martin Luther's Points

1. What was the "Protestant Reformation" and what new religion formed from it?

2. How many points did Martin Luther make against the Catholic Church?

(Bonus) What was paying for indulgences?

Age of Exploration

Age of Exploration
Columbian Exchange

1. When did the "Age of Exploration" take place?

2, Where did they explore?

3. Why did they explore? (one word)

4. Where did the following explorers travel to?
  • Christopher Columbus
  • Vasco da Gama

5. What was the "Columbian Exchange"?


Definition of "revolution"
American Revolution
French Revolution

1. What is a "revolution"?

2. Who fought in the American Revolution?

3. Who won?

4. Why did the French rise up?

5. What happened in July 14 1789?

Renaissance Interactive
The Renaissance (PBS)
Renaissance Games
Age of Exploration(interactive)