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Before the Europeans Came

Native Americans
What are some terms used to refer to the people who first lived in America before the Europeans arrived?
Identify 3 examples of these tribes that lived in the U.S.?
Where do most of them live today in the U.S.?

13 Colonies (Coming to America)

Coming to America
Where and who created the first permanent settlement in North America?
Who were the people who settled in Plymouth, Massachusetts?
Characteristics of the Colonies
What were the "motivations" of settlers coming to the colonies? (list 3)
Who and when was Pennsylvania founded?
French and Indian War
Who fought in the French and Indian War? Who won?

Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Independence
Who were they declaring independence from?
Who wrote it? (name 3 people)
When was it adopted?
What type of rights did it identify in the beginning of the document?

War in America

American Revolutionary War Timeline

Name 2 events that led up to the war.
Where was the first "shot heard around the world"?
What was the last major battle where General Cornwallis surrendered in October 19, 1781?
War of 1812
Who fought in the War of 1812?
Identify one reason for the war?

Expansion and Growth in the U.S.

Louisana Purchase
Why did the U.S. want more land?
How much and who did they buy it from?
How big was it?
How much would it be in 2011?
Oregon Trail
Where did it begin and end?
How long is it and how many states does it go through?
Why type of supplies did the pioneers bring?
Mexican-American War
Who fought in it?
Over what state were they fighting over?

U.S. Civil War

U.S. Civil War
Who fought in the civil war and why?
Why did the Southern states want to leave?
Who was the president during the U.S. Civil War?
Where did the fighting begin?
How many people died in the war?