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Define the term "heroism" HEROISM (Definition). If you had to choose a "Hero" in your life, who would it be and why?

1.Louis Zamperini was born in Olean, New York in what year? One Boy Insurgency
2.Louis moved to Torrance, (what state?) in 1920. One Boy Insurgency3.What type of immigrant was he? One Boy Insurgency4.What are some examples in which Louis Zamperini got into trouble? One Boy Insurgency5.Who helped shape Louis’s spirit by introducing him to the competitive sport of running? Run Like Mad6.What is the time in which Louis sets a national high school record for the mile? The Torrance Tornado
7.In 1936, Louis competed in the Olympic Games. Where were those Olympic Games held? The Torrance Tornado8.Which branch of the military was Louis in? The Flying Coffin9.What was the name of the bombardier? Hint*: B-? The Flying Coffin10.On February, 1943, what happened on their reconnaissance flight? 594 Holes11.On May 27, 1943, Louis and the crew were on a rescue mission flying in a new plane called the what? Nobody is Going to Live Through This12.Who is there new tail gunner? Nobody is Going to Live Through This13.Louie was trapped by what underwater? Nobody is Going to Live Through This14.Who survived the plane crash and what supplies did they have? Downed15.How did they eventually get water and food when stranded in the ocean? Thirst16.What happens on the 27th day in the ocean? Sharks and Bullets17.After 4 weeks at sea, what happens to Louie? Singing in the Clouds 18.On what day do Louie and Phil see land? Singing in the Clouds19.At the Amori POW Camp, what was the nickname given to the "disciplinary officer" that physically and mentally abused Louie? Monster20.Define POW: (click this link:POW (Definition)21.What does the "Bird" beat Louie with causing temporary deafness to Louie's left ear? B-2922.After receiving 220 punches to the face, what is the date for all the POWs to be killed? 220 Punches23.What is Louie forced to hold up over his head for 37 minutes until the Bird gives in and beats him unconsciously? The Boiling City24.What happens on August 20, two days before the "kill all" order is to be enacted? The Naked Stampede
25. Choose one to completeClicking on this Louis Zamperini, Olympian and ‘Unbroken’ War Survivor, Dies at 97 , (scroll to the bottom) what were some of the problems Louis Zamperini endured when he returned to the U.S. after the war and what did he do to "straighten" out his life?

Define the term "heroism" HEROISM (Definition). If you had to choose a "Hero" in your life, who would it be and why?

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Stages of the Hero's Journey

There are twelve steps to the hero’s journey. According to the Oracle Education Foundation Library, those steps are as follows.
  1. Ordinary World: This step refers to the hero's normal life at the start of the story, before the adventure begins.
  2. Call to Adventure: The hero is faced with something that makes him begin his adventure. This might be a problem or a challenge he needs to overcome.
  3. Refusal of the Call: The hero attempts to refuse the adventure because he is afraid.
  4. Meeting with the Mentor: The hero encounters someone who can give him advice and ready him for the journey ahead.
  5. Crossing the First Threshold: The hero leaves his ordinary world for the first time and crosses the threshold into adventure.
  6. Tests, Allies, Enemies: The hero learns the rules of his new world. During this time, he endures tests of strength of will, meets friends, and comes face to face with foes.
  7. Approach: Setbacks occur, sometimes causing the hero to try a new approach or adopt new ideas.
  8. Ordeal: The hero experiences a major hurdle or obstacle, such as a life or death crisis.
  9. Reward: After surviving death, the hero earns his reward or accomplishes his goal.
  10. The Road Back: The hero begins his journey back to his ordinary life.
  11. Resurrection Hero - The hero faces a final test where everything is at stake and he must use everything he has learned.
  12. Return with Elixir: The hero brings his knowledge or the "elixir" back to the ordinary world, where he applies it to help all who remain there. 

The Hero's Journey Interactive

10 Life Lessons from "Unbroken" 10 Life Lessons of Unbroken

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Click on 8 Things You May Not Know About Louis Zamperini and share 4 of them on your paper.

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