Chapter 11: History and Cultures of North Africa, Southwest Asia, and Central Asia

Student Web Activity

3 Monotheist World Religions

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Students will use the links below to complete the assigned table chart given by the teacher!

Summary of the Major Religions
Major Faiths Concise Table

Answer the following questions using the appropriate links.

Map Activity (Click on play on the "History of Religion")
1. Click on the interactive map above, what happened on 2000 BC?
2. Using the same map above, what happened on 32 AD?

Summary of the Major Religions
3. What do Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all share in common?
4. When and where did the religion of Islam originate?
5. Which religion does not recognize the "devil"?
6. Which religions recognize a "heaven and hell"?
7. What are the 2 main sects of the Islam and their percentages?
8. What are the labels/criticisms given for each religion?
9. Which religion are women most "suppressed" in their status?

World Religions Homework Help
10. Which religion is the oldest and youngest?

11. Who is Abraham and Moses?
12. What is the symbol of Judaism? What is a "Menorah"?
13. When is the most important day of the week? When does it start and end?
14. Identify a special item Jews wear and describe it?
15. What is "kosher food" and give some examples?

16. What other names is Jesus known by?
17. Christians believe that their one "God" consists of 3 "persons"
18. Identify a Christian symbol and what it means?
19. Identify 3 of the 10 commandments.
20. Identify 3 branches of Christianity.

21. Islam is mainly followed where?
22. Islam derives from a word meaning what?
23. Identify 2 of the 6 main beliefs that Muslims have about their faith.
24. What are some things Muslims do when worshiping in a mosque?
25. What are the different types of Muslims and identify their percentages?

When students complete the web survey, you may choose a religion to create a wordle.
You must have 15 words that relate to your religion. Click on the link below to create the wordle.
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