Livewire Scavenger Hunt Worksheet

Answer the questions below using the school newspaper.

AAJHS Library

1. What is the lead story you see in the top box of the homepage?

2. What is the current countdown to holiday break?

3. Write a headline from the first page of the newspaper.

4. Write the name of a story that you read.

5. Write a headline from the sports section of the newspaper about a sport you like.

6. Write the title of an editorial/opinion piece in the newspaper.

7. Who is the new superintendent for the school district?

8. What blog did you enjoy reading the most? (These scroll across the homepage under featured stories.)

9. What is one announcement that is scrolling on the homepage today?

10. Write the name of the photo album you most enjoyed.

11. List the names of three Livewire staff members.

12. Click on the comment button for one story and use your Google Docs username and password to sign in and leave a comment. Everyone who leaves a comment will receive Lion Loot.

* Bring this completed Scavenger Hunt to room 234 to receive a prize.