Students will click on:,28372,634428,00.html to learn how to write a biography.
Step 1: Students will be choose someone to write about (famous person, actor, sports figure) for a biography.
Step 2: Students are to download the model paper to see an example of how to complete their idea organizer.
Step 3: After viewing the model paper click on to and in the search engine write the person's name that you are interested writing a biography.
Step 4: Using that site, complete the Biography Organizer given to you using this site.
Step 5: Read the following directions to complete the written form of your Biography.

Write a title. The title could include the name of the person you’re writing about.
Write an introduction that grabs the reader’s attention and tells him or her who you’re writing about.
Write a paragraph that includes information about the person’s childhood. When was he or she born? Where did he or she grow up? Who did he or she look up to?
Write a paragraph that includes information about the person’s talents and accomplishments. What goals has this person achieved? Has this person ever faced a problem and overcome it?
Write a conclusion that includes your opinion about why it is important to learn about this person. What can we learn from this person’s accomplishments? How can the example of this person’s accomplishments help us to achieve our own dreams?

Step 6: